"Not Just Posters" Collection

$ 15.00

You don’t need our research to confirm what you know: Environment matters. If you want to change habits and foster community, to shift behavior and motivate performance, shape the physical space. You probably can’t pull up the carpet or tear down the cubicle walls, so start small — with a few inches of inspired design, lovely printing, and a message that motivates.

*We hope you place them in your line of sight so they can spark greater focus. But in a few months, take them down. Give them away. Then find new ones to hang in their place. Change your space to keep your thinking fresh. We’ll be here with happy replacements.

This collection includes the following three posters:

  1. Maya Angelou
  2. Tactics vs. Strategy
  3. Do The Work

We conducted a limited print run of these posters and only 200 of each exist. Each poster is signed and numbered by the designer. All posters are printed on 100# uncoated paper.

Think you want to order more than a couple? Give us a shout at info@thefrontierproject.com

Maya Angelou

We created this poster on the day the great poet passed away, and our thoughts were consumed by all the good she'd left behind. Poetry may seem a far cry from the work of modern business, but this quote reminds us how closely the two are related. In our hustle for productivity and shareholder value, if we forget the human element at the core of all our effort, we'll fail. And we'll be forgotten. For brands and businesses of all kinds, this poster calls us back to the beating heart of enterprise: connection.

Dimensions: 11 x 17 inches

Tactics vs. Strategy

The dramatic horse-shaped subterfuge that got the Greeks into Troy: brilliant strategy. The horse itself, made of wood and rope and steel, constructed by craftsmen and packed with soldiers: tactics. A big idea, ambitious, foolish and untried...made brilliant by the perfect execution of a thousand small details. Whatever your team does together, you'll need tactics and strategy to work hand in hand. Sometimes you need to shape a gutsy, outlandish vision. Sometimes you simply need to go find some rope and wood. Do them both, and wars are won.

Dimensions: 11 x 17 inches

Do The Work

You're busy. Us too. In the frenzy of everyday effort, it's pretty easy to mistake activity with productivity. Box-checking sneakily replaces the real work of making something worthwhile. If this happens to you, and we're assuming it does, sometimes it helps to have a small voice to remind you: hang up the phone, close the browser, shut the door and simply do the work that matters. 

Dimensions: 10 x 14 inches

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