Frontier Dispatches - Edition 1 (Summer 2015)

$ 6.00

Our first magazine publication, it's the initiation of a quarterly volume that surfaces the best of what we've found and what we're doing. With articles from our team and our partners, Dispatches magazine delivers thought leadership at its most essential: new ideas for bettering your business practices, built from fresh, on-the-ground research and original experience.

What's Inside?

  • Mapping the Frontier: A note from Jason
  • In the Room: The case for giving your communications team a seat at the strategy table by Tucker McNeil.
  • Recommended Readings by Sam McNerney
  • Hungry Talent: Your organization's top talent craves personal growth and development. Here's how to give it to them by Katie Lackey
  • Hi Seoul: A Frontier Immersion
  • Where Tech Takes Flight: How a former journalist with a Silicon Valley-bred love for technology engineered a game changing turnaround at Audobon by Katherine Schutt
  • An excerpt from Scott Wayne's The Cartography of Negotiation
  • Nine Weeks From Now: How a historic newspaper embraced a rapid launch strategy- and how your company can too by Jacob Gieger
  • Banishing Busy: How one word is hijacking our productivity- and what we can do about it by Stevie Toepke
  • Frontier Takes the Stage: South by Southwest 2015
  • Shark Bait: What big enterprise can learn from startup chum by Becky Crump
  • A note from Ryann

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