Strategy vs. Tactics Collection

$ 10.00

The dramatic horse-shaped subterfuge that got the Greeks into Troy: brilliant strategy. The horse itself, made of wood and rope and steel, constructed by craftsmen and packed with soldiers: tactics. A big idea, ambitious, foolish and untried...made brilliant by the perfect execution of a thousand small details. Whatever your team does together, you'll need tactics and strategy to work hand in hand. Sometimes you need to shape a gutsy, outlandish vision. Sometimes you simply need to go find some rope and wood. Do them both, and wars are won.

Dimensions: 11x17 poster and 4x6 postcard

We conducted a limited print run of these posters and only 200 of each exist. Each 11 x 17 poster is signed and numbered by the designer. The 4 x 6 postcard is not signed or numbered. Both are printed on 100# uncoated paper.

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