Prayers of the People

$ 15.99

What does it look like when the whole city prays? What would it sound like if you joined them?

Written by artists, attorneys, bankers, ballet dancers, and Christians representing dozens of callings, Prayers of the People is a record of those who seek the still, small voice of God in one of the busiest cities on earth.

In this motivating compilation, Christians throughout the city of New York, in vocations stretching from high fashion to high finance, share their personal prayers.  Their circumstances are unique, but the themes occupying their meditations are universal: sin, grace, and ultimately, hope.

This is a book for those seeking a richer experience with God, a greater appreciation for his work in the world, and a deeper understanding of themselves. Organized as a month-long course of prayer, this diverse collection guides readers through more than 60 examples of imperfect, but authentic modern faith. It reminds us that the gospel changes everything because it can change anyone.

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