Frontier Academy Influence Workbook

$ 20.00

If you’re reading this, you’ve completed a Frontier Academy workshop devoted to giving you the tools you need to think and act differently—and persuade others to do the same. You’ve experienced firsthand the power of applying these tools to challenging business issues.

But growth takes time, new habits take work, and fresh thinking demands practice, rehearsal and commitment.

On these pages, you’ll find the most essential tools from that workshop, included together in separate sections to equip you to tackle four different real-life situations. Each tool is accompanied by short prompts to put those tools to use quickly and effectively. When you’ve finished an exercise, fold up the bottom right corner so that you can easily find your way back to where you left off.

Use these aggressively. Use them regularly. You’ll find yourself shaping new habits that will buttress your personal and professional growth.



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